Agóra Cooperative of Derecske was established in 2002, extending the activities of a family business. Its original founders came from families with a long history of farming, and its members are primarily farmers, as well as experts in the field of agriculture and commerce.

The main activities of the Cooperative include the integrated production, both by themselves and third parties, of horticultural plants, as well as the buying up and selling of the same. In the course of production by third parties, we provide professional supervision and a unified technology for our contracted producers, which is a basic condition of quality and uniformity. In our activities we combine modern technology with traditional principles of farming, and we also pay special attention to quality control in all stages of production and sale. As a result, we are able to offer high-quality products on the Hungarian and international markets.

Our target markets are primarily canning and refrigeration plants inSlovakiaand theCzech Republic, for which we have been supplying products since 2003 in continuously increasing quantities. On average we export 1,500 to 2,000 metric tons of products each year.

The Cooperative has its own refrigerating plant, which means that the storage and preservation of the products is also ensured if necessary.

In our operation, we strive for cost-efficiency, which ensures that our prices are always competitive.

Our basic objective, in addition to ensuring excellent quality, is to ensure that the products get from the producer to the processor quickly, which usually means within 24 hours also including the harvesting time.

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